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Title: Role of Islamic Education in character building of young generation: A case study from secondary level institutes of Karachi. , 3(2), 97.
Authors: Khan, S. A.
Keywords: Islamic education,
character building,
young generation
secondary level
Issue Date: 1-Apr-2014
Publisher: Savap International
Abstract: This study investigates the role of Islamic education in character building of young generation. For the purpose contents of the textbook of Islamiyat prescribed by Sindh Textbook Board for the students of secondary level was critically analyzed and a questionnaire consisting four close-ended and two open-ended was served to the teachers teaching Islamic Education at secondary level in public, private, male and female secondary schools of Karachi. Mixed approach was used for the present study. The findings shows that the contents of the textbook are quite enriched with such topics which are useful for character formation of the young generation and the teachers are also satisfied by the included topics in the textbook but they disclosed that because of media and as parents are not performing their desired role, therefore expected character formation is not achieved. In the light of the above findings, it is recommended that the teachers should adopt latest teaching approach for teaching Islamic Education, parents should play the desired role, and media should also give due consideration to its role for character formation of new generation.
ISSN: 2307-3721
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