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Title: Simulation based analysis of Reactive Protocols Metrics in MANET Using OPNET
Authors: H. NAWAZ
Keywords: MANET,
Issue Date: 15-Oct-2014
Publisher: Sindh University Research Journal
Series/Report no.: Science Series;
Abstract: The modern era of communication technology plays vital in the field of mobile Adhoc networking. This research paper work is about the simulation based analysis of reactive protocols metrics in MANET using opnet. The reactive protocols metrics are important subject matter in the mobile Adhoc network environment. The network environment connecting devices or nodes with each other efficiently and establish communication that is mobile Adhoc network . It offers mobility to network devices to freely move in any direction and establish connection to any device when it comes in coverage. The aim of this research paper is to analyze the reactive protocol metrics as, transmission range, media access delay, load, end to end delay and throughput by evaluating the AODV, DSR and TORA protocols using video conferencing application. The simulation results have been carried out through OPNET 14.5 modeler tool, however scenario created, having different WLAN physical characteristics and having different transmission power configured, and reactive protocols metrics results analyzed.
ISSN: 531-538
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